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How do I add photos from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and other sources?

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2013 07:35AM MDT
Every style of post (except video) allows you to add photos in five ways:

  1. Upload image file from your desktop (jpeg, png or gif format).
  2. Search Flickr (we don't yet support direct connection to your individual Flickr photostream, so you may prefer to add them by URL or upload). 
  3. Connect to Facebook and browse your albums
  4. Connect to your Instagram account and pick from the last 60 photos in your Instagram stream. 
  5. Instagram option number two: auto-posting!  See here for instructions.
  6. Paste in the URL (aka link, or web address) for the photo

A couple tips

  • We recommend that you add photos at the highest resolution available. We store the full resolution image and reduce it for various uses (like thumbnails and iPhone).
  • For full background images, we recommend photos with approximately the same shape as a typical computer screen, or even a little wider to account for menu bars. So about 16:9 aspect ratio (minimally about 1400 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall)